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Ponyo on a Boat
last modified: Monday, August 31, 2009 (11:34:19 PM CST)

^ That is one of the most hilarious amvs I've seen in a LONG time. XD
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last modified: Monday, August 31, 2009 (11:23:08 PM CST)
Welps I went to view the film yesterday and it was worth the wait. The English dub wasn't bad at all and the soundtrack was superb. The animation was amazing like always for studio ghibli. :)The story was exceedingly cute which matched it's animation style perfectly. If you liked My Neighbor Totoro you'd probably enjoy this film as well.

It was fun to see it in the theaters too. But sadly when I went it wasn't packed at all. Which was bad considering it was opening on Friday night. I hope that was just in my area and the film does good in ticket sales elsewhere so other Ghibli films have a chance to hit theaters here in the future. But on the up note it seemed the people that did go see it enjoy it immensely.

So did anyone else go see it yet?

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Stinkin' Hackers
last modified: Thursday, June 18, 2009 (5:32:24 PM CST)
Okay so hacker isn't the correct term as there really wasn't any hacking involved. But...I forget the correct term right now. >.<' Anyways a certain children's roleplaying site that I'm an admin on was attacked once again by this one persistent hacker. By persistent I mean we've been fighting this same fellow off for about a year now. Last night he rejoined the site as a new member and asked a certain admin for help in a pm with links attached. When that admin foolishly clicked on the links somehow that gave the hacker her passwords to her account. So this very destructive fellow had admin powers in his hot little hand. Luckily this time the irritating guy only managed to delete the staff board, which is slightly irksome, and the bio boards for one of the areas in the game, which is extremely annoying. Before anymore harm was done we banhammered the IP putting a hold on his rampage. Then quickly demoted the infected admin's account to normal member until everything can be fixed and changed so he can't get back on. And of course banned the proxy account used to send the pm that caused the problem in the first place. Unfortunately we know full well that his computer generates random IPs so he'll be back. So now the sites on high alert once again. Ugh the stupid needless stress caused by clever computer users. XD It would be WAY less stressful if the site we use to host the game had a way to restore deleted files. As there would be really nothing any hacker could do that would cause actual damage to the game.

What I do find funny is that this person is bothering to attack a single site for over a year. And it's not like this is a very unique site at all. As there are literally THOUSANDS of similar sites just like it or even better (as ours is made for children it's heavily censored compared to others). It just seems like it would make sense if you didn't like a site for some reason to either not go to that site or create a site similar but better. I really don't understand the motives for this fellows actions. It just seems really pointless. And that's how this weeks going.XD

On a completely different subject I started watching Naruto. My friend gave me the first three boxsets because she didn't like the show anymore. SCORE! Free anime rocks! I'm still not sure if I like the anime yet though. For some reason the pacing seems off even though it's sticking incredible true to the manga so far. I dunno why it's bothering me. But I never really like the whole arch with Haku and that other guy whose name I can never spell. Also occasionally the animation is bad. So I hope they got a bigger budget in the future. XD Not that it bothers me too much. I mean two of my favorite shows Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z had repeat animation galore!
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last modified: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 (2:15:12 PM CST)
So I got the bug. Just call me a Narutard. XD I just finished the first set of manga volumes 1-27. I spotted volumes 1-20 at half priced books for like 30 dollars so I couldn't pass up the deal. >.<" CURSE YOU HALF PRICED BOOKS!!!! Then I was addicted and had to buy the last 7! (Off ebay cause I was still in denial of being a fan and refused to buy full price.) So now it looks like I have to buy the REST of the series and catch up with everyone. GAH! So I'm probably going to have to cut back on cels and buy more manga instead.

After reading the manga what I want to know is it worth viewing the anime? Because I heard some bad things about like 100 episodes of fillers.
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Wooo! First blog
last modified: Monday, April 06, 2009 (11:31:27 AM CST)
Well I decided to start a blog thingy here. So now everyone who reads this will be subjected to my horrible spelling and grammatical errors! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!! Cower in fear my friends cower!!!!

Well I just got back from a local con. A nice small little anime convention. Me and my sister held our first panel.
We did a Phoenix Wright mock trial. Which went well considering our Phoenix and Judge flaked on us so we had to grab a few audience members to fill the roles. >.<" Well we botched the beginning (Phoenix said a line way too soon throwing us off our game. And I just completely flubbing a few of my lines.) but the middle and end went over extremely well. And I got to be a freakin' crazy murderer. Villains are more fun anyway. Unfortunately our camera didn't have enough batteries to tape it so I'm hoping someone in the crowd will post the video on youtube.

Also at the con I learned about a new cartoon museum. They had a booth in the dealers room. I was overjoyed when I heard about it seeing as it's close to where I live and it's a museum about cartoons. That was until I went to the booth. They were selling animation cels. Which is cool except they just took a batch of naked cels and stacked them on top of each other. Then next to this unbagged cels was a pile of sketches in which some were matching to the cels in the other pile if one took a mass amount of time to look threw. They were selling the sketches and cels separately. I think cels were like 30-35 dollars and the sketches were like 10 a piece. I was horrified. Seeing people touch these poor naked cels with their bare hands was sad to say the least. Unfortunately I didn't see the person who was actually running the booth or I would have said something. Even part of their motto was to be a "cartoon-oriented educational programming" which I find almost laughable if they don't even know how to properly take care of these cels how can they educate others! GAW! Made me so angry...
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